Our Technology

Adherium’s Hailie® solution is the world’s most clinically supported asthma medication adherence solution.

Adherium’s Hailie® solution is a cloud-based platform which captures medication use data from FDA-cleared Bluetooth® enabled sensors which wrap around patient inhalers and provide real-time feedback to patients via the Hailie® app and to their physicians via the Hailie® portal. Monitoring inhaled medication adherence / compliance with timely intervention, supports the reduction in severity and frequency of exacerbations and the associated hospital admissions, improving outcomes and quality of life, while reducing the resource burden and health system costs in managing these patient populations.

Adherium, through its development pipeline, is well-positioned for the growth of digital medicine transformed in the US in 2019 with the release of specific Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth reimbursement codes offering a path to payment for physicians, accelerated by the challenges presented as a result of the  COVID-19 pandemic, playing directly into Adherium’s strengths.

The Hailie® Remote Patient Management (RPM) Solution

Technology clinically proven with strong evidence-based, investing to enable physiological measures and extend therapeutic coverage.

Hailie® Sensor

Sensors attach to inhaled medication devices and capture medication use and physiological measure data

Hailie® App

Monitors medication activation, adherence, and timing

Hailie® Data Management

Regulatory compliant cloud infrastructure. Future data and freemium services

Hailie® Portal

Reimbursement-compliant reports, billing support, and audit trail

Customer portal

Tailored data reports and direct-connect to cloud dashboard

The Hailie® Sensors

Adherium’s clinically supported Hailie® technology platform has extensive inhaled device coverage that works for Rescuer/Reliever and Preventer inhalers.

The Hailie® Solution: Clinically Proven Effective

The Hailie® solution is the world’s most clinically supported asthma adherence solution.

The Hailie® solution is independently shown to:

  • Increase adherence to preventative medication by 180% in children and 59% in adults.
  • Reduce severe exacerbations in adults by 61%.
  • Contribute to significant improvements in quality of life for people with chronic asthma.

The Hailie® platform has been referenced in more than 100 peer-reviewed publications involving over 13,000 patients.

Percentage Change vs Control Group


Increase in adherence1


Reduction in hospital admissions2


Reduction in severe exacerbations3


Reduction in oral steroid use

1 In children with asthma 6-15 yrs, with missed-dose medication reminders for prescribed controller medication. Chan et al, Lancet Respir Med 2015.
2 In children with asthma 6-16 yrs, with missed-dose medication reminders for prescribed controller medication. Morton et al, Thorax 2016.
3 In adults with asthma, using the Hailie sensor with reminders for prescribed controller medication. Foster et al, J Allergy Clin Immunol 2014.

Electronic monitoring is a useful tool for identifying children in whom a step up in treatment is indicated. Different approaches are needed in those who are controlled when adherent or who are nonadherent. Electronic monitoring is essential in a paediatric severe asthma clinic.

Jochman et al. Electronic monitoring of adherence to inhaled corticosteroids: an essential tool in identifying severe asthma in children. Eur Respir J, 2017 Dec 21;50960:1700910.