Chronic respiratory disease – a growing socio-economic burden

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affect over half a billion people worldwide1,2  with the prevalence of both conditions increasing due to environmental, social and behavioural factors.1,3 While effective medications exist, non-adherence to prescribed dose is a major issue, leading to costly exacerbations and hospitalizations. Such is the scale of the problem, global guidelines now recommend monitoring adherence prior to any change in prescription.4

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Economic impact of medication non-adherence in the US


US patient population with asthma1


Estimated US patient population with COPD2


children with asthma are uncontrolled3


adults with asthma are uncontrolled3


severe treated asthma & COPD patients4


asthmatics reported one or more exacerbations in 12 months5


ER visits asthma patients2 & COPD patients6


hospitalisations asthma patients2 & COPD patients6


CPT RPM code physician billable per patient annually7

$433 - $1,500

cost per ER visit for asthma8,9 & COPD10

$5,040 - $9,815

cost per hospitalisation for astma11,12 & COPD10


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Hailie® Solution - clinically proven to reduce acute attacks and hospitalisations

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Proportion of asthmatics with difficult to treat / severe asthma

Use of the Hailie® solution improved adherence to preventative medication by 180% and reduced use of reliever medication by 45% in a study of 220 children who were monitored over a 6 month period. Chan concluded the use of an audio-visual reminder inhaler can lead to significant improvements in medication adherence and asthma control in school-aged children with asthma.

Chan et al. Lancet Respir Med. 2015;3:210-219.